Hey! Thanks for stopping by:) I'm Linn, the founder of Norveda and the mind and hands behind everything you see on this site. I developed these products through years of dealing with cystic acne and sensitive skin - and they are what I use on a daily basis.

Eschewing traditional acne medications with harsh side effects, I began to reframe my skin problem as a holistic problem. I learned that my skin reflected my internal health and that washing with soap removed my skin's protective layer. So now I'm a sucker for a simple skincare routine with oils and gentle cleansing - mindful and minimalistic wellness.


The Norveda journey actually started as a master thesis where I developed this deodorant. Shortly after graduating with a Master in Product Innovation from Virginia Commonwealth University in May 2017, I launched this website and started selling the Ghee-Based Deodorant in it's compostable container. In just a few months I added a Cleansing Powder, Balancing Oil and Sugarwax - you can follow my whole journey on Instagram @norvedawellness

I am born and raised in Norway - the land of the fjords - but I spent most of my 20s studying in Richmond, Virginia (2011-2018). In the late summer of 2018 I moved back to Oslo, and since then I've been trying to establish a life here. I actually had to pause Norveda for most of 2019 to prioritize my financial situation and health.

Since february 2020 I've been getting into working with Norveda again, and I am super excited about it. I have a limited inventory left in Virginia, which my husband (who still lives there) will help send out to you. I will gradually be pivoting in a direction that I feel is more aligned with my purpose and goals. More on this to follow in newsletters and on social media - subscribe and follow if you'd like to know! 

For now, this was my story and I hope you'll stick around. And if you haven't yet, check out my products;)