Norveda is a health and wellness company rooted in Norwegian culture and Ayurvedic principles. Its purpose is to offer personal care products with sustainability and minimalism in mind.

Founder, Linn Oedegaard, developed her recipes and products after years of research into her own skin problems. Eschewing traditional acne medications with harsh side effects, Linn began to reframe her skin problem as a holistic problem. She learned that skin was an unfortunate victim of an unbalanced diet, caustic soaps and detergents, and various environmental factors.

She set out to develop personal care products that worked for her, and in the process discovered that many people were yearning for simpler, safer, and cleaner products ranging from deodorants to soap. And now she wants to offer you what she uses on daily basis.

All of Norveda's products are designed with the whole body - and environment - in mind!