Tongue Cleaners

Tongue Cleaners

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Our tongue cleaners offer a seamless and effective way to rid your tongue of unwanted bacteria, debris, and residue that can lead to bad breath. It is a highly recommended practice from Ayurveda; especially to do first thing in the morning. 

"I cannot imagine a morning without using a tongue cleaner like this! It does a much better job compared to using the back of a toothbrush; and the metal outlast any plastic alternative + feels cleaner." - Linn Amalie

Starting from the back of your tongue, gently scrape the cleaner towards the front, repeating this motion several times until the tongue feels clean. Rinse the tool after each pass, and then rinse your mouth with water or mouthwash. After use, clean the tool with soap for future use. 

The U-shaped cleaner is to be held by two hands. This has a thinner end, which makes it slightly more effective at scraping off mucus from your tongue. 

The one-handed cleaner has a thicker end which might be preferable for those with sensitive tongues. Also, you can attach a string through the hole at the handle - to hang it up, or to distinguish between several cleaners in the same household.