Salt Soak

Salt Soak

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Immerse yourself in a medley of enriching minerals, accompanied by a touch of whimsy. Transform your bathwater into a tranquil shade of blue, which gracefully transitions to a delicate pink with lemon juice.

Infused with the essence of lavender buds, our bath salt exudes a soothing aroma, without the need for essential oils. Elevate your self-care routine and let the captivating blend of minerals and botanicals transport you to a realm of relaxation.

Introduce 1-2 cups of the salt blend as the tub is filling. Alternatively, roughly 1/2 cup is recommended for a smaller foot soak.

To witness the cool color transformation, gradually introduce 1/4-1 cup of lemon juice or any other naturally acidic liquid into the water. 

Dead sea salt, Epsom (magnesium) salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, oat flour, magnesium citrate, organic lavender buds, Cabernet Sauvignon wine flour, butterfly pea flower*.

*Gives the water a blue hue - a natural component of this beautiful plant.