Ayur (life) + Veda (knowledge)

Among the ancient Hindu texts, Upavedas, is the sophisticated and holistic health system called Ayurveda. It teaches that optimal health is more than just absence of disease ~ it's also about achieving a balance of emotional, mental, and physical health. When in balance, you are more resilient to discomfort and disease.

Ayurveda's principles instruct how to achieve this balance, through nutrition, herbal therapy, and exercises like yoga and meditation. They revolve around supporting the constitutional states of your body, called Doshas. 

The Three Doshas

The Doshas reflect the state your metabolism, mood, and physiology. Each one - Vata, Kapha, Pitta - varies in influence from person to person, and affects personal qualities such as energy levels and food preferences. Although each Dosha influences your bodily processes, typically a person will have one dominant Dosha. They also fluctuate on a daily and seasonal basis.

Doshas + Skin

Tendencies of each dosha will influence the baseline quality of a person's skin:

  • Vata dominant individuals will tend to have drier skin and may be prone to flaking and cracking.
  • Pitta dominant individuals can have sensitive skin - frequently experiencing irritation and acne.
  • Finally, Kapha-dominant individuals may have smooth and normal looking skin, but can be prone to swelling and cold to the touch. 

People will find themselves in two or all three depending on multiple external and internal factors. Norveda considers these differences and aims to offer something for every Dosha.

Norveda Products 

Each Norveda product is offered in 3 different styles - floral, woodsy, and herbal. The ingredients for each have been mindfully selected to support their corresponding dosha - Vata, Kapha, and Pitta, respectively. 

Floral ~ Vata
Woodsy ~ Kapha
Herbal ~ Pitta
We invite you to come and try each one and discover which style fits your body most!